It's Just me Home, but I hear things

January 21, 2009 2:01pm CST
Does this ever happen to you when you are home alone, and you think you hear someone walking in another room, or see a shadow on a wall this happens to me all the time. And most times before I hear anything or catch something out of the corner of my eye, I feel like I am not alone. I obviously know that there is nobody else in my house escpet for myself. Do you believe in goshts or spirits or any of those things, because I do! Like have you ever taken a picture and ended up with those spots when there was clearly nothing these that should have made them, no light thats refelcting in the picture or nothing I sure do. So do you believe in this and does this happen to you?
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• Canada
21 Jan 09
Yup! I hear noises in the house when I'm here alone. I have a clock that belonged to my parents but didn't work. On a couple of random occasions, it chimed from its storage spot. Just once on each occasion. That freaked me out, to say the least - but, on the other hand, I'm comforted by it. I want to believe my parents (particularly my dad where the clock is concerned) are just letting me know they're around. I say this because I heard those chimes during periods of extreme difficulty in my life. I had to have my dog put down a couple of winters ago and, from time to time, I hear him. I hear the whimper he made when he wanted to go outside or the sort of "banging" he used to make when he'd get into his kennel to sleep at night. I always attribute those sounds to me just missing him... but I'm open to the other possibilities too :) One of my daughters, when she was about 4 years old, was visiting my Mom (the house where I grew up). She asked, "Grandma who is the man in the bedroom?" My father passed away when that daughter was 3 months old and there was never another man in my Mom's house. My mother assumed she meant the photograph of she and my dad in the bedroom. She responded, "Oh the picture, honey?" and my daughter said "No no no Grandma... come see". She walked into the room, pointed to a corner near the ceiling and said "THAT man... up there." Don't know what she saw but, needless to say, my mom was shaken by it LOL My mom was a person that regularly had visions (in dreams) that would materialize so, when she saw that happen with my daughter, she called me at work right away to tell me. Some sounds and things scare me... but, again, I'm very interested and intrigued by what they might mean :) To each their own, I guess!