Have you ever seen a puppy shed tears?

January 21, 2009 11:17pm CST
Yes,i have seen it.Tt was a sentimental puppy.Tt was a yellow dog when i was 10 years-old,my parents spent just 80 RMB to get it from one dog dealer.It was very clever,when it saw us come back,it would shook tail to us very cheerfully.we all liked it.One year later,we moved to another place to live.Then my parents took the dog to the new house first.My dad ride a bike,the dog was tied behind the bike and running.Do you know what happened at that time?Yes,it silently teared.When my dad arrived to the new house,he left the dog lonely.I could not imagine that how helpless the dog was cause it was abandonded in a strange place last half day!The next day, I saw it again!Its eyes turn red and trembled.I will never forget the ex pression of the dog when it finally saw us again.It ran over to us,and up to our trousers for a long time,just like a child to see his mother!
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