What Do Sport Do You Like?

@janyen (623)
January 22, 2009 8:43am CST
Hi guys. Let's talk about sport this time. I used to play Lawn Tennis back on my college years. This is one thing that I keep myself fit and to mingle with people around. I am not active with the internet before. Am not really good at it but I can hit and bring the ball back to the opponents court. What about you? But I really don't know how to swim! Poor me!
4 responses
• Canada
22 Jan 09
i don't do many sports, the only thing i really do is skiing and i love it. but sports to watch i love watching lacross it's so brutal
@janyen (623)
• Netherlands
22 Jan 09
I would like to try skiing as well. I think it's a challenge for me. I loved watching skiing competitions. Don't know what really is lacross?
@marquis (159)
• Philippines
23 Jan 09
Hi! Well, I love sports! I play basketball a lot. Actually, I was a basketball player when I was younger and I play on school competitions when I was studying. They say that most basketball players has poor mind but not me. I am active in basketball, I joined quiz bees competitions, and I am a very active student with high grades. It was not easy but I can made it.
@thorgrym (677)
• United States
23 Jan 09
Due to my disability, I am unable to participate in sports. Though I am not sure that it is truly considered a sport, I enjoy weightlifting. I have to really limit what I do because fatigue sets in really quickly (not muscle fatigue so much as just getting tired easily). Because my disability mostly affects my legs, I can do quite a variety of upper body work. I can also swim, but that is about it right now. I want to try Tai Chi again, but I am not sure that my legs can handle it right now. I love baseball and football - both watching and playing when I was able to - with football being the preferred of the two. I am not a big fan of basketball. I was really tall at a young age (6'2" in 8th grade - I stopped growing though and am still 6'2"). Because of that, everyone...I mean EVERYONE said that I should play basketball. Well, I tried and I was not very good at it. Because of that, I really don't like the sport that much.
@lihongyi (124)
• China
22 Jan 09
I played roller skating before,but I always get my self bruises...And I am swimming now,I like it,it is safe as long as you are not drowned. I am interested in tennis too,but I haven't begun doing it yet~