Is there such thing as True Love and How will you know it?

January 22, 2009 9:48am CST
True and endless love, does it exist? Before heating things up, here is a striking quotation "It is better to die in the edge of danger than to see my love in the hand's of others". Did it strike you straight from the heart? Or made your heart skip a beat? Have you ever wondered why love exists even though it is an unexplainable feeling? How do we really know if it is true love? It is love when you hear his name and your tummy does a flop or when you see that person you burst out with laugh and you are so happy you could almost cry. Just a simple glimpse will take your breath away and your day is made. It's when you he makes you smile so much that it hurts. Crazy, right? Well, love as they say is like a rosary that is full of mysteries. It is all about the mystery, knowing what is behind this feeling called "LOVE". Ebough about mysteries. Is it really full of mysteries or filled with so much misery? It is a feeling that makes a person commit suicide due to so much pain. That is where the "MISERY" part comes in. You can give a guy your heart and he'll accept it but sometimes they give it back but this time in pieces.Pain is the right word for it. - to be continued .. does it really exist? wait for the next part :]
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@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
22 Jan 09
I think there is a thing as true love. I think yea at points we give our hearts away only to have them given back, but that makes us stronger and learn to appreciate when we finally find that person who will treasure our hearts and do what they can to not break it into pieces.
@opikoji (154)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 09
this is a serious yet entertaining topic... I believe in true love coz I'm in it right now... I'm in love with my girl... It's a mystery how I finally love her... Still don't know why I love her so much... She also doesn't know why she love me... LOL... but anyway, the important thing is to understand each other... love is just a +... ^^