what should the people do to avoid terrorism..?

@aengra4 (363)
January 22, 2009 1:47pm CST
hello friends, terrorism is striking in almost all of the countries, and lol we could do nothing to avoid. do u think there is any way that the people can do to avoid terrorism.. in india after 26/11, the indian people are very conscious but lol there is nothing better, there are still blasts and the people are helpless, do u think that people can do anything....
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• United States
22 Jan 09
It's a hard balance we are trying to strike in the world today. In order to truly prevent terrorism, we would have to sacrifice many of the liberties that are taken for granted. People would have to live with the fear of "Big Brother" in order to be safe from the threat posed by the modern terrorist. That is not to say that there aren't things we can do. People can be vigilant. They can take part in their communities and be wary of ideologies that pose a threat to their traditional way of life. In the U.S. that might be ideologies that advocate extreme behaviors, such as the anihilation of certain groups. They can also ask themselves how much they are willing to sacrifice in the name of protection. The fact of the matter is, you have to give up some freedom if you wish to be protected. It's not a pretty truth and one that makes me cringe. But, it is still a Truth. The other way to protect ourselves is education. It's an old saw, but it's still valid. Educating the people who become terrorists, helping them so that they don't feel oppressed is one way to stamp out ideologies that breed like rats in dismal circumstances. Happy people are normally passive people. They are not prone to the extremes of human nature. If we can show people that there is such a thing as a tolerant and peaceful world, it would go leaps and bounds towards taking away what terrorists need the most; desperate people.
• United States
3 Feb 09
Thank you for the best response.
• South Africa
22 Jan 09
I think the aim of terrorists is as much to create a state of fear for the survivors as it is to kill the victims. While people can be vigilante about keeping an eye out for suspicious object, the greatest weapon, I think, is a positive attitude, to show that you won't let them take your spirit away. I know it sounds difficult, but it really is the real battle, as far as I'm concerned. If you give in to fear, to terror of your surroundings, then they are the ones that are winning. Work at healing yourself (and it really is hard work) from their influence, and then help others to heal themselves.
@aengra4 (363)
• India
23 Jan 09
ya , u r right that we should not be afraid, but these are only words written in books, when it is faced then it is very hard to face, these days every country is facing the terrorism but noone can do anything to prevent it.