do u have a single goal for your life or have multiple goals...?

@aengra4 (363)
January 22, 2009 1:59pm CST
hello friends, we all have some of the goals in our life, many have the single goal in our life but some of us have multiple goals . they want everything in the life. for me, i am a student, i have to do many things in my life, so i have many goals to be reached, what about u...?
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@dprice81 (14)
• United States
22 Jan 09
I usually have single goals. Once I finish one, I start another. First it was to graduate from college. Then it was to land my first professional job. Now it's to find another job or start m own company or do something to earn income. My only other aress of goals involves running. My goals last year were to finish my first marathon, run 25+ miles in a week, run 30+, run 20+, break my personal best for the 5K, and break 2 hours for a half marathon. I have done those. I also busted my ankles pretty good from maybe running too much in a short amount of time instead of building my mileage up slowly. I have only tried running twice since a five miler on thanksgiving and I'm still not pain free. Luckily, I just got approved for medical security plan (health insurance coverage) so hopefully I can rehab my ankles faster by going to some sort of PT.
@aengra4 (363)
• India
23 Jan 09
ya , i think u are doing right, when we finish our one goal only then we should start another goal, but at some time there are situations when we have to suspend our determined goal and to look other goals. what do u think....
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
i have many goals in life. it is only a matter of priority as to which ones we will be dealing with from time to time. i believe that all the peoples of this world have multiple goals, that is, for the normal ones. there's the goal to meet all the needs for today, the need to prepare for the future, the need to work with everyone around with us, the need to keep house, the need to finish the task at hand,etc., etc.,etc. for now, the ones that i am working on with so much effort is the preparations to establish an internet cafe within the second half of the year, then i have to attend to the farm and make it yield some income for us. this is in addition to the goals which i have set and been working on since the entry of the new year.