Cats getting sick?

@angie828 (225)
United States
January 22, 2009 4:50pm CST
I have 7 indoor cats and from time to time a few over indulge and then vomit. I have light beige carpet and it stains easy. I want a way to clean up the mess and make the carpet look great like there was never any vomit there. Any ideas would be appreciated. I would prefer a way that is healthy for my cats and will not ruin my carpet either.
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• South Africa
24 Jan 09
Once, in a moment of pure madness, we bought an off natural undyed wool carpet. Very popular with the felines to lie on. Unfortunately, it now has too many spots to still be the pride and joy of our home. With the next carpet, we wisened up some and picked one in a multicolor shade into which almost anything can blend. Not as stylish, but at least it still appears unblemished. Have you tried limiting the intake of your cats, so they don't gobble everything up very quickly. Our worst offender used to gobble up her food, then help herself to the other's food, so eventually, we let her finish her food, but put everything else away for about an hour or so, to let her stomach settle. What we used was a stain remover for clothes (recommended by a friend) which worked some of the time, but was not always infallible. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I sympathize. We've had the same problem.
• United States
23 Jan 09
I have two cats and three dogs and I LOVE Simple Solution. You can buy it in a spray bottle, or you can get it to add to your carpet cleaner. It is by far my favorite pet stain remover and I have been using it for years.
@mareem (147)
• United States
22 Jan 09
Any of the enzyme sprays on the market work great for cleaning up pet stains and will not harm your cats (or you, for that matter). These products work by introducing harmless bacteria that eat organic matter. They also eliminate any odor. To use, clean up the "chunks," spray, then blot. Of course, specific direction will be on the bottle. These products work for "accidents," as well.
@conbill (369)
• United States
22 Jan 09
They sell a lot of different products at the pet store. I have a stick that looks like a laundry stick that I use for this. You just rub it in let it dry then vacumn. It removes the stain and any odor but most of all it is safe for animals. I give my indoor cats hairball remedy, and they have pet grass which I grow for them. I also feed them indoor cat food which has seemed to help alleviate this happening.
@snowy22315 (79285)
• United States
22 Jan 09
You might want to try just a little bit of bleach or possibly mixing baking soda into your carpet cleaner. It is a little bit hard to clean up those serious stains but you may want to be able to do it. I think that you will feel happier with your cats if you can keep your carpet clean.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
22 Jan 09
I think white vinegar is probably something worth trying, as a lot of other things have chemicals in them and vinegar is cheap and natural, gee 7 cats is a lot of cats you muct be a real cat lover....I admire you.