Birthday Bonus Club

United States
January 22, 2009 7:42pm CST
Has anyone ever tried that Birthday Bonus Club, where you can get money for your birthday as well as pay others for theirs? I see that online a lot and am wondering if it is a scam or what? Any information would be helpful.
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@cassia82 (70)
23 Jan 09
i have never heard of it but its my birthday today!?! its free to join or do u have to pay?how much ya get paid? bit wierd though i mean you would only get one pay out a yr
• United States
25 Jan 09
Hello...and a belated Happy Birthday! If you had been in the the Birthday Bonus Club you could have had the chance to have people, like me, sending you money for your special day. It brings me great joy to bless others! My birthday is coming up and although I won't be getting tons of cash, I will be getting something. Next year this could provide me with a VERY NICE day. In the meantime, I get to bless 12 others throughout the year. It's free to join and the MOST it will ever cost is $60.00 per year. One evening out with my honey normally costs more than that. AND all I have to show for it, most times, is a bigger waist line! I'd love to have you in my Birthday Network. Stop by and check this out. I really believe that a lot of people, doing just a little can make a HUGE difference! For me, it's not all about what this can do for ME, it's the joy that I can bring to others.
• Brazil
23 Jan 09
I sew this site, but the day I decided to join, it was off here. You have to pay U$ 3 or 5 for someone in their birthday. And in your birthday, you receive money of other person (more than one person). I also would know if it's a good site. =)