Getting a number of opinions to make a decision

United States
January 22, 2009 8:49pm CST
I would like to through out there a decision I have to make. I would like to hear your opinions, whether I agree or not is not the issue but all sides could help draw different views of the decision. My wife and I are looking to move to be near her family. We currently have great jobs, own our house, no children yet just dogs and we pretty much do as we please. The area she wants to move to has a lower income of living, the field I am in the pay is not even worth taking a position and her pay will drop by ten or so dollars. The only good thing is the housing market is alot lower and with the sale of our present home, we would be in better standings in the long run. I get along with my in laws ok but being this close could bring some misery on my part. I will consider this move for her to be closer to her family if I can get some worthy opinions from you on this subject. Thanks.
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@Patzi_md (129)
• Philippines
23 Jan 09
Family is still important even though you're already married. before moving to a new house, you can discuss it with your wife regarding the advantages and disadvantages moving near your in-laws. What are your objectives on moving? is it the place? low-cost of living? is it near the market, malls, workplace, or church? or you could turn to someone immediately with her family whenever you had problems? Also opinions from your friends who are also married could help you, but still the final decision is yours. hope this helps