Spending Time at Home

January 23, 2009 1:23am CST
I am currently at my parents’ house in the suburbs. As many of you may remember I live with my husband at my in-laws’ home. However, last Thursday, I had UT infection. I was given antibiotics but I was also told buco or coconut water is good for flushing. My father said that he will bring me fresh buco juice instead. So I thought, why not go over to our place so that I can get fresh coconut water everyday instead of my father having to bring it over to my in-laws, which is quite far? So that is why I am here. There is no internet connection here. So I am typing these things and thoughts and storing them in the computer in the hopes that when I get back to my in-laws home, I can already put these up in the internet. Hehe Anyway, I am glad that I did come home. I intend to stay here for an entire week. This is a good break for me—a vacation I needed. I had been actively working ever since I got pregnant. Sure I slowed down, but I think I need more rest as my body is adjusting to the changes that the existence of my unborn child is creating in my body. So with this break, I feel rejuvenated. Plus I like it sooo much here. I used to live in the suburbs. We have quite a big lot, and a nice house and all around is planted with vegetables and trees. We also have a native hut. It is much quiet around this neighborhood and the air is fresh. Although I really like the proximity that our city dwelling gave us, a more relaxing atmosphere is what I found in our old home. When I give birth, I would really like to stay here and get rejuvenated. Maybe, after my baby is two weeks old, I will come back here and eat fresh vegetables everyday. Okay, I gotta go now. This is where I had been these past days. Take care all and God bless you!
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• Philippines
23 Jan 09
My daughter was once hospitalized for UTI too and that was mid of last year. It was terrible for her espcially that she was just two years old then. Now, she hates the sight of hospital and doesn't drink softdrinks anymore. . . I like buko too. We have a lot of it here in our place.