Pork Loin Cuts Question

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January 23, 2009 8:50am CST
In our local grocery store chain their flyer for this upcomming week they are having a big sale on pork. However some of the cuts seem similar but the prices vary between them. Can you tell me the difference between the cuts? Those are good prices but I'm not sure on the differences in the cuts. This is what the store is offering....... Whole Sliced Bone-in Pork loin .99/lb 16-20lb pkg! Pork loin bone-in sliced rib half $1.19/lb 8-10lb pkg pork loin boine-in sliced loin half $1.39/lb 8-10lb pkg
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@nova1945 (1614)
• United States
23 Jan 09
Loin is from the back and side of the pig, so the cuts called rib half and loin half are best for spareribs and baby back ribs. The sliced pork loin is usually for chops and roasts. It just depends on what you plan to cook. Best to look at the cuts in the store and make your choices from visual comparisons. You can also ask the butcher (or meat dept.) which one would be best for your plans.
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23 Jan 09
Thanks for clearing a bit of that up for me. ;) I usually base my meals with what's on sale and what I have in the freezer from stocking up on decent sales KWIM?
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24 Jan 09
any time u can find a good sale at the grovery u better grab it. groceries are sooooooooooo high here, it's awful. i'm sure they are everywhere.