Being a student and a teacher.

United States
January 23, 2009 12:11pm CST
This to me seems to be very difficult to manage. I was a teacher and now I'm a student. I never thought after being the one standing in front of a class am now the one who's sitting down with the students. I guess that's the way we become a teacher. I went back so I could get my Bachelors. I had a thought come to mind. As a teacher we are seen as the one who is the head and does the teaching. We are the one's who expet for the students to learn and to catch on to these subjects so quickly. But when the tables are turned and it is the other way around being a student I find myself sometimes being lost. Teachers are the onces whom we think is suppose to know everything but in reality they don't. I am open to knowing that we all young or old are never too late to learn what we didn't know from the start. What do you think?
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@chetangb (14)
• United Arab Emirates
24 Jan 09
Hi, I can associate myself with what you are saying. I used to teach Mathematics to Bachelor of Engineering students for 3 years. When I started attending my Masters Degree after that, I have found that the Professors are slow in their teaching methods many times. At those times, I am really not a part of what is happening in the classroom. I guess my expectations from the Professors are too high. What do you think? Take care