What happened to my friend? (Panic Attack?)

January 23, 2009 2:08pm CST
I'm studying a Business Computing degree at college and sometimes (about 3 times a year) we have to present a presentation in front of a class and the teacher. My friend Toby has done presentations before but he says he gets really nervous and panics a lot (I've never noticed, he speaks with confidence). Last term he presented one to a class of 20 but he said he managed it fine as he was part of a group but today was the deadline to perform a solo presentation on data security. I finished my presentation and went outside the classroom with another friend. We then saw Toby standing against a wall. He was extremely out of breathe and I first thought perhaps he had been running. He said he's standing outside the classroom for almost an hour, breathing really heavily and 5 minutes before we met him, one of his legs felt like jelly while the other was so numb, he could not feel it. His fingers on both hands were locked in the same position and he said they were very numb. He could not move his fingers at all, nor his thumb. Toby asked me if his eyes were flickering, but they appeared fine (he did have them half closed). Toby said his face felt tingerly and numb too. It was very difficult to speak to him when he was in this state and I kept asking him if he wanted to sit down or if I should call the college nurse. He said no, but I called the nurse after 5 minutes. He was wheelchaired to the nurse's office because he could not feel his legs and after 5 minutes, he felt his legs again. A further 5 minutes and his fingers began to unlock and he could begin to move them. What happened to him? He says he never experienced this before but says it had something to do with the presentationn. Was this a panic attack?
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