Charlie Myers Arrested for the Murder of Jenny Nelson link to his myspace page

Charlie Myers - 2 weeks ago: An undated file photo provided by the Montgomery County, Ohio, Sheriff's office shows Charlie Myers. Authorities in Ohio have arrested Myers in the shooting death of a woman whose 4-year-old son was abducted by the gunman and left unharmed at a highway rest area.
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January 23, 2009 6:59pm CST
incase this is the first you have heard about this story let me recap for a minute this women was putting her son to bed when a man broke into her house shot the women in front of her son and stole the cild along with two computers. He dropped the child off at a nearby rest area. Another couple at the rest area saw a small child alone at the rest area and begin talking to him when he told them "a stranger came to the house without knocking and he shot my mommy" The child knew his address and phone number and police were able to find his mother however the mother was dead. The young child was able to give a description of the suspect and eventually the getaway car was found. Meyers admitted his involvement in the murder and turns out he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome has very low intelligence and is 80% deaf. His mother overdosed on drugs when he was a child and he lived several years in a homeless shelter with his father and spent years in juvenile detention centers Ok so here is his Myspace page which has been confirmed it is in fact his page! CRAZY
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24 Jan 09
thats so sad. that poor child. its a dang shame that we cant even be in our own homes and put our children to bed safely anymore. this guy should spend life in jail. i dont care what his problems there is no excuse for that. i hate to hear stuff like this.