wounds is all about to heal, scars still remains....

January 23, 2009 8:06pm CST
would you relate yourself in this kind of qoutes??? how do you define this in your own opinion??? in some situation i can relate myself in this qoutes, there are are things that happen in our life that can easy to forget,,but there's also some things that is hard to forget...like in lovelife, when someone cheats in you or betrayed you, yes it is easy to say that i can forgive you for what you've done to me but the scar that you give to my heart remains inside(hard to forget) not only in my heart but also in my mind, it's hard to move, afraid to step/move because you'll always think that things may happen again and again... this qoutes also like "it's easy to forgive but hard to forget"... you??? define this is your opinion... share what you want to share... " everything happens for a reason "
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