How to handle creditors calling you

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
January 23, 2009 8:24pm CST
Hi! What do you do when the creditors call you? 1. Ignore them. 2. Tell them why you can not pay the bill at this time. 3. Hang up without talking to them. 4. Tell them they have the wrong number. We have medical problems which I tell them about but they are persistent buggers. We will pay them but it might take awhile. I know it is their job but it does get tiring. Hopefully you can pay your bills on time. We are diligently working on our finances and hope to be able to do the same soon.
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24 Jan 09
Yes its very tiring when they keep calling. We are in the same situation due to hubby being laid off for nearly 4 months. They dont care they keep calling. I have called them set up payment arrangements and they still call, most times its computer generated calls and not even a human calling which is even more frustrating. I hit the button on the phone to answer it let them here the tv or whatever noise is in the background and hang Sometimes i will have my son or hubby make some not so pleasant noises to see if it deters them, but it doesnt...still funny to do