does the first love seem to be there in the heart forever

United States
January 23, 2009 11:04pm CST
Do first loves seem to always stay in our hearts forever? even though my ex and me are divorced there are often times that he pops in my mind and despite all the bad times I have to smile at our good times. saw a child today that reminded me of when we had our babies and how much I loved those times.... so just wondered if first loves ever just seem to fade in our hearts
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@ds6413 (2070)
• United States
24 Jan 09
Hi, well that first love of mine is the only one where I realized I was in love with my first b/f. I can pin point out the weekend I realized it. It was on a saturday night in 1984 Labor Day weekend.It Hasn't faded away.Probably never will but if we had not broken up I wouldn't be with my b/f now.
@cherriemae (3370)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
for me, first love still in my mind but the feeling is already gone.. yah, there are times that my x-bf, father of my baby comes in my mind, all the memories we shared, the pain, the heartaches, the happy moments, it reminds me of him.. but already moved on, happy with my life now, the feeling is not already there, it's already fade..
• United States
24 Jan 09
Nope, because first loves are about you, not anyone else; they are about your first impression of being in love. There is such a chasm between not knowing what being in love is and the epiphany of such a state, that the first time this dawns is unforgettable. Also, if you haven't remarried, the memory of being married compared with the present state of divorce may cause the emotions associated with your marriage to resonate particularly strongly. Lastly, retrospect is a funny thing--the perspective can really emphasize things or make you forget them altogether.