Surgery,Plaese think twice !!!

January 24, 2009 1:04am CST
Hello ppl.This is a good subject for me anyways.First i'de like to tell you that I've had not one but Two back surgeries done on my lower back,,,L-5/S1.This was don in Saint-John NB by a surgon called Docter Abraham.The first surgery was to take a disk out and replace it with what he explained to me being some kinda little cages being placed in between L-5 and S-1 and with two fusions.Well after the first one being a disaster the second one was worst.The second time he opened me up was to take out the Bolts and screws,,,,what HE called the JEWLRY.Well after all the comming and going to Saint-John for rehab in Grand-Bay Westfield for three years and all them hospital stay i'm now on LTD plus I get my CPPD.But the pain is far worst then before I got those surgeries.I find myself on very strong Meds.Oxycondone 40mg twice a day and Daladids 4mg in between the Oxies.I'm still up all night with pain so that brought on depression and anxiety.OH ya I also have Lupus to top it all of.LOL.But for anyone thinking of surgery anywheres on your spine PLEASE think twice.I was doing much better with mt Chyopractor and Actupucture.If for any reason your thinking of back surgery,please gimme a shout and i'll tell you the horror stories i've seen in the Rehab center.
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