Who is the first person you talk to when you have good news and bad news?

@n30wing (4768)
January 24, 2009 3:43am CST
Usually it's my Mom or my fiancee. But my Mom is in the province and kind a far still I do text her or call her. My fiancee I tell her when I reach home, if it's a good news, she will hug me tight, and tell me that is great! But if it's a bad news, she tell me well everything has a reason. Don't feel down, I am here always. How about you guys? Have a nice evening! God bless!
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@mods196621 (3656)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
Hello friend I'm okay and fine now. Back to normal life but still remain the pain hoping it was gone fast. Now with regards to your discussion the first person i always talk whenever there is a good or bad news is my only husband. I don't have any friends and neighbor but him alone. What comes to me he is the first person to know. That is why I was hurt if those things were happend again. Have a nice day friend!
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
24 Jan 09
first it's always my wife if she's not with my me, then it's my parents and my kids. then it's everyone else
@annierose (18959)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
Well, whenever it is a good or bad news I tell it first to my mom. Its because she is always the person who is at home and is very accommodating with me. I love to see her face especially when it shows happiness and excitement. My mom do so much stuffs in the house and giving her the good news first erase all her tiredness the whole day. I always tell good news first to my family, then later on to my boyfriend and to my friends.However, when it is bad news, I first tell it to my boyfriend.I avoid opening bad results with my family because sometimes it seems they are more down than me.I can say that my boyfriend is a strong man. He knows how to deal with emotions.He not fails to make me feel that it is not the end of the world. He always show me how beautiful life is and should not be wasted with complains and crying.Sometimes, it makes me feel so down and sad especially when I not get what I want like a job. Those bad result makes me moody and upset. But my bf always try to understand me the best he can. He is always calm with me. He is such an angel for helping me to overcome my depression.With him, I can say that I also becoming strong and he is one who makes me inspired.