Bewitched by Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell

@marisriel (1157)
January 24, 2009 4:03am CST
Did you like this film? I've read many reviews that they were kind of bored on this film but I wasn't. I liked it a lot especially Nicole. She's one of my favorite actress although I find her voice so soft that I can't hear it clearly. She's perfect for her role on bewitched and I find her sexy on her husky voice. For Will Ferrell, it was my first time to see him as an actor when I watched this movie so I did not get his comedic character yet. But as I watched his other movies, I thought and realized he actually did good on Bewitched. I had a chance to get a copy of it's soundtrack and would like to share my experience on them. I love the movie so much that I really noted on the tracks used on it. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed because the key songs are completely there. However, I consider this actually not so much of a collectible that I would only keep on my shelves but a regular CD that I can pop in every time I am in the mood to relax. It’s because the tracks are generally classic and more of the jazz type. I’d just like to comment on some of the tracks that were the most relevant to me as they are the ones that pops in my mind when I remember this CD. First is And She Was by Talking Heads, a funky upbeat music definitely from a classic era. Next of course is Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft, a soothing and dramatic piano piece. And then Escape by Rupert Holmes, this is one of my favorite upbeat but sexy and lazy Pina Colada song, makes me want to go lying under the sun with a pina colada. Another one of my favorite is LOVE by Natalie Cole, so sweet classic song, love the saxophone and Natalie’s amazing voice, I feel I’m always in the mood to sip some wine whenever I hear this track. Last one is Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic by Police, makes me click my fingers as I sing along with the music. This CD is not exceptional but still worth my money. I won’t pass on this great classic collection if I were you.
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• United States
25 Jan 09
I loved it !! I wanted to see it at the movies but never got there, finally, I got to see it on TV and I really enjoyed it. I thought that the idea that they were making a new one within the movie was a great one.
@marisriel (1157)
• Philippines
26 Jan 09
I will be very excited if they are really making another version of it:-)