Sense of humour bypass?

@Ritz100 (1119)
January 24, 2009 4:39pm CST
I sometimes feel that when I see something funny, and try to convey that to someone, they all of a sudden take me very seriously. I think I have a dry sense of humour, but please, some of the lines I come out with are very obviously meant to be a p... take. Do you ever get the feeling that people just dont understand you?
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• United States
24 Jan 09
Yeah, I feel like that all the time at work. I have a quirky since of humor, and I feel like my customers often don't get it! For instance, I we sell lottery tickets were I work and I will often joke with ppl that if they hit the million I all I want is a is just a joke, but some get really offended...Its like HEY IT WAS A JOKE LIGHTEN UP, plus what are the chances that you are really going to win with a million 2 one chance!???
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@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
24 Jan 09
Well figment, you seem to be managing ok now with responding. Keep it up, thats exactly the sort of response people like. You acknowledge to context and intent of the poster, then give a personal viewpoint and experience, to substantiate your response. Thats obviously just a load of twaddle, but it sounds good no?