What is your occupation?

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January 24, 2009 5:56pm CST
And what tasks are you responsible for? I am hoping that if we can talk about our jobs and tasks, it may give ideas to others as to what they might (or might not) want to get into themselves. Please contribute, as I am curious myself! As I mention a lot, I work at a vet clinic as part of the kennels staff. I really enjoy my job, although sometimes it can get disgusting and messy. I have to help take care of the food and water for the dogs and cats, as well as change litter boxes and take dogs outside to potty. I have to bathe dogs (and sometimes cats). I trim nails, squeeze anal glands, and clean ears. I sweep and mop and soft-scrub every surface. I clean bathrooms and I also wash dirty towels (we never run out of dirty towels) and blankets. I prepare runs and kennels for boarding animals as well as dogs and cats who come in for surgery, and I clean the runs and kennels up as soon as they leave. I help clean up the messes that the dogs make outside, and I restock everything (paper towels, syringes, empty medication bottles, you name it!). We clean tables after surgeries and surgical supplies after they are used, and re-wrap and sterilize the surgical supplies in packs. Sometimes, I even get to help out, such as if they need an extra person to help with puppies in a C-Section. Finally, I get to spend a lot of time with the dogs and cats when the days get slow. We take toys outside with us and play, or we find something to tease the cats with. I love my job. Your turn.
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25 Jan 09
Well I am a EMT or Emergency Medical Technican. I basically work on a ambulance. My job is to basically take care of sick and injured patients in emergency or non emergency situations. We are called to all different types of calls anything from stabings, shotings, childbirth, car accidents, falls, etc. My job is to stabilize the patient find out what is going on with them and provide life saving treatment if nessicary.
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