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@blogs86 (370)
January 25, 2009 1:12am CST
Do you think the game of chess is mandatory to be put in all levels of education curricula as brain exercise? the purpose is to mandate all schools and other educational institutions in the world to mandate the game of chess as a subject to all levels of education curricula to develop the brain of students like me, as there are pieces evidence that students playing chess at least twice a day appears to be very good in academics and in practice.
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@tryxiness (4544)
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
I have this theory, the reason behind the chess as mandatory has to do with the fact that most of the brain activities by kids nowadays are in the presence of computer. I have nothing against with the mandate, infact, it somehow helps in bringing back the old school to these new generation of kids.
@blogs86 (370)
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
i wonder if all the children born in my generation are all genius what would the world be? well thanks for the reply ('',)