What great invention do you think is most important?

@reichiru (748)
January 25, 2009 1:28am CST
I was watching National Geographic today and they were talking about how the machine gun and barbed wire totally revolutionized trench warfare in WWI, so that got me thinking about all the inventions in the last few hundred years and which one I would consider to be most important. Not just weapons and stuff, even daily things that we use can count. I personally think electricity is probably pretty major, since all of today's technology relies on electricity and stuff. If we didn't realize how to harness all that energy, you probably wouldn't be sitting in front of your computer reading this right now lol. So which invention do you think is most important in daily life?
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• Pakistan
25 Jan 09
The great invention in my opinion there should a device which can capture SMELL like camera capture images. I wish there should be the device in which we store smells. I know its awkward but I wanted to opinion share with my MYLOT friend. that y i have shared