why is it that..

@laiza14 (593)
January 25, 2009 7:10am CST
sometimes you can appreciate the person when is long gone from you? why does it happen? why is it our common problem, yes.there are things that are easier to say like, we must learn to appreciate simple things,but we all know its not easy to do. but sometimes we do it unconsciously. why is that so?
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@sunita64 (6469)
• India
25 Jan 09
Actually when a person is near then we keep on taking that person for granted, but the moment the person is away then only we realise how the same person used to make the difficult situations easier for us. so we start missing when a person is not near.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 09
hey there laiza14!I believe everyone leaves a footprint deep in our hearts. And for every human, there's enough good to last a whole lifetime ;)
@denise002 (444)
• Australia
25 Jan 09
i guess we just take little things for granted. and we dont notice the little things that other people do for us until they are gone and we have to do them ourselves. sometimes it takes the loss of somethin to open our eyes. i dont know why but it just seems to happen that way