Are You Confident In your Relationship?

United States
January 25, 2009 10:01am CST
When is it okay to be confident in your relationship to say that you have the other party on lock ( he or she is not going anywhere)? Let's just say everything is great in your relationship I mean everyone has problems but nothing so big to where you want to leave or your partner. You guys have fun together, you still laugh and play, you enjoy QT together. Everything is GREAT! Is it safe to say that you can be confident in your relationship? My Opinion: You can say you are but then when something does happen so one cheats but everything is still good in the relationship is it still okay to be confident?
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@relkide (39)
• India
2 Feb 09
Eventhough I am confident in our relationship there is no trust between us,but still our relationship will be there. Day by day our love between us is decreasing and stil we compromise just our kid. So our relatioship will remain.
@misstoya (12)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I think you should always be confident in your relationship because sometimes when you doubt it...that can mess things may push the other person to go and do something *if they are being accused of it anyway* or they may begin to feel they can't breathe in the relationship or feel as if you don't believe in it, have faith in it or you don't care about it or them as much as they in regard to cheating if they cheat you might as well chalk that up...because you will never ever be 100% confident in that or trust them 100% after that...and that's real talk
@diillu (5122)
25 Jan 09
I think it's better to be condifent in the relationship than to have the slightest doubt. Cause a small doubts in the relationship can yield other confusions and all and these things can be really harmful in the relationship. If one is confident about their relationship than we can live freely in our relationship. I am confident about me relationship and I am pretty sure that there's not going to be cheating and all in my relationship.
@mods196621 (3629)
• Philippines
25 Jan 09
I feel confident in our relationship. But when there is something happened like cheating of partner not so much but i confess i'm not at 99% confidence it lower down to 60%. I was praying and hoping to gain the percentage up again to at least 80% and I can tell I am halfway confident.