What is with the "pay per" for online RPG's?

@Kat4676 (474)
United States
January 25, 2009 1:14pm CST
There are a lot of fun RPG's on the internet but, even if you buy the game at an outrageous price, they still expect a monthly or other fee in order to play. You would think that if you bought the game, there would be no other fees in order to play it. I can see donations for some sites as they are optional and they help the owners to keep them open. My question is, Why should you have to pay more on top of the price of the game in order to play? Looking forward to your responses :) Kat
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• Canada
25 Jan 09
It's because big games by big companies such as WoW (by Blizzard) have constant updates, and so I figure the developers think a flat fee isn't enough. They want you to continue to pay a subscription fee to cover the cost of their time that they spend developing new content and releasing periodic updates to the game. Another thing that my friend has experienced personally is that when you want to quit the game, you think to yourself "Wow, I've spent so much money these past two years on this game just to quit", and so it's sort of like an addiction thing right? You don't want to stop because you've invested so much time (and money!) in your online character that stopping is hard. That's why I usually shy away from pay-to-play MMORPGs.
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@Kat4676 (474)
• United States
25 Jan 09
I can see where they are coming from. It takes a lot of time to work on those updates but, should it be so much? My daughter was hooked on WoW for a while but, at @ 15 a month it was starting to nickel and dime us. It was hard shying away from it as I played on hers once in a while and it does get addicting. ;) I try to stay away from the pay-to-play ones as well. If you know of some really good ones let me know please. Thanks for the response and have a great day! Kat