How to be a good listener?

January 25, 2009 2:31pm CST
What is the thing hidden behind a human that makes them a good listener and how can you obtain the talent to become a good listener?
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@ank_47 (1959)
• India
29 Jan 09
see the world with others eyes. then u can be a good listener.follow and encourage the speaker with body language.the more u listen the more trusted u become. never critise while listening.communication begins with good listening skills. u earn a lot by listening.many people think that silence is awkward and want to fill it in with their own thoughts . likewise many think that empathy means sharing with the listenee similar experiences , that the listener has had.
@tooincome (345)
• United States
25 Jan 09
to be a good listener, you must make eye contact with the person you're speaking to. don't do anything else but listen. try not to make any comments and just listen. don't say "yeah, that happened to me too" or "i know what you mean." most importantly try not to talk about yourself until the person is done speaking. it's good for us to vent every now and then and sometimes we can get stuck while trying to vent.. so its also to ask a question only to have them speak more. for example.. someone says to you "man i'm feeling down." just respond with "why" or "how long have you been feeling this way?". try to ask questions that can make them talk about their problem more.
@tdemex (3540)
• United States
25 Jan 09
First you have to be interested in what people are saying. Even if you have a few things to comment on keep it to your self until they are done,don't cut in with your view or opinion,until they are done, unless your in a debate. Try not to be self centered,the world doesn't revolve around you. Try to pay attention even if they are boring, it's still them trying to communicate something to you. These are just my thoughts on the subject,it doesn't come naturally you really have to work at being a good listener! Good Luck and have fun here! tdemex