United States
January 25, 2009 3:31pm CST
how many times you guys go shopping?well me i go grocery shopping twice a week,but shopping clothes shoes,is like once a month,i always dreamed of shopping many times for clothes,bags and shoes,i wish i can..!
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@AMOORA04 (115)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Sad to say but I go shopping alot. I will look for any excuse to go shopping. A birthday, someone having a party and I need an new outfit, I got a coupon in the mail so I need to use it, I saw something last week and I couldn't stop thinking about it, my husband needs/wants something ,etc. I got grocery shopping once a week. I go to target or walmart once a week. And I go to the mall once a week and sometimes evene more. It seems in a week I spend more time spending money then I do making money. My husband has tried to calm me down because it isn't good for our credit cards, nor our wallets. I am extremely addicted to clearance shopping however and I think because I am soo good at find deals I tend to feel free to shop more. I bought flats at JcPenney for $0.97 each. Of course because it was such a good deal I bought six pairs. I have some to match everything I wear now. My favorite number is 5 because that is usually what I will pay for anything. If it is $5.00 it is mine. five plus five plus five, it adds up quickly. :-(
@hmkoct5 (2065)
• United States
25 Jan 09
I go grocery shopping twice a week. I usually go to the local grocery store once and then the big Walmart to stock up on things once per week. Each member of our family has a month that they get to buy clothes. So, we spend one day a month on one family member buying new clothes and shoes. I really don't like shopping because we don't have a lot of money. It just makes me depressed.