would you own one or two cars? or more?

@mazdakid (347)
January 25, 2009 9:47pm CST
hi all! most of us are fortunate enough to own our very own cars. some of us were given cars by our parents, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, lucky raffle draw, winning the lottery, company-issue or government-issue and so on. and some of us were able to buy a car through years of hard work and saving up to buy one. but, whatever the means was in obtaining a car, because of traffic issues, some of our countries implement certain bans which "help" reduce traffic volume everyday. and this means that we cannot use our car for a certain day, for example. because of this, some of us decide to buy a second car which would not be banned on the same day that the first car is banned. in my case, my parents bought me a car whose licence plate number ends in 1. and in my country, this means that i am prohibited from driving in Manila on Mondays during rush hour (morning and evening). because of this, i saved up and bought another car whose plate (fortunately) ends in 9, which means that this one is prohibited on Fridays. therefore, i have two cars because of the "ineffective" traffic volume reduction measures here in Manila. i don't wanna take public transportation because i was already robbed two times and nearly got mugged for a third time. i lost three cellphones already and lots of other items whenever i take public transportation. that's why i prefer to drive a car, no matter how bad the traffic is. how about in your case? would you like to own one or two cars? why? would you wanna own a lot more? in my case, i think two cars is enough because it's already difficult to maintain two cars. =) thanks and happy mylotting!
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@dinos1 (204)
• Greece
26 Jan 09
Hello! Well, my family already owns 2 cars and they are still not enough since every day we need different cars to go to our job.. We are now considering buying a 3rd one, the tax service will rip us off.. :P
• Canada
26 Jan 09
wow, how interestng i've never heard of that kind of law. well where i'm from we don't have that law so i only need the one car. don't think i'd ever own two cars at once cause i can only drive one at a time. i have no need for two