someone who has been with a lot of people and how do you ask?

@sameroad (3180)
United States
January 25, 2009 10:57pm CST
Would you be with someone who has been with a lot of people sexually? and how do you ask someone that question. "how many people have you been with?" I have been messing around with someone and i kind of know a lot of there history. we haven't actually done the dirty yet but were going too real soon....but they've been with a lot more people then me for sure lol but i don't know how many and it's really starting to bother me. Am i over thinking it? I know it's over 5.. i think it might be around 10-15... i hope it's not higher then that lol but how do you ask someone that? what if she tell mes something like 25!! i would truly kind of feel disgusted and not want to be with her...but i know i wouldn't be able to tell her that's how i felt... i would probably just kind of shy away.. I want to know but i'm scared to ask for two reason. asking and the finding out part... i'm not sure i'll ask her in less i'm drunk and just throw it out there lol have you ever been in a position like this?
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@mean_queen (1713)
• Malaysia
26 Jan 09
If it really bothers you, then I think you should ask. I'm sure you don't wanna insult her by asking. But just know that you have every right to ask because it's your body and your health. If you do decide to ask, just make sure you let her know how important it is for you and not just because you're curious. If you really like this person and she's really into you too, then it wouldn't really matter if she's been with other people right? If it disgusts you, then maybe she's not the one for you. Whatever it is, just follow your gut. And be safe. ;)