When i go to my office, i feel that it is my second home.

January 26, 2009 3:16am CST
I am a working woman. And i work in my office around 8 hours. So when i reach my office then i feel that it is my second home. I feel that my work is most important for me rather than gossip with coligues. I complete my work day by day at the time which is required by my boss. She is a nice lady and cooperates me all the time. Si i also cooperates with her to complete my all works on the time. Work is worship for me. And i am very thankful to god that he gives me an opportunity to do this in a beat way of my life.
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
30 Apr 10
Well thats true..i spend most of times at office and thats a second place where i spend more hours next to home. I have been there for 7 years and i feel it more adaptable and a home like.
@bowtieguy (5917)
• United States
22 Apr 09
I feel the same way, My office to me just feels like another room in my house except it takes me 25 mins to get there sometimes. I have many pictures and other items in there that really give it that home feeling.
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
1 Feb 09
I understand what you mean about work being your second home but I must admit that I have never felt that way about my work.I suppose I am not as enthusiastic as you about my work.I do try to complete all my tasks on time but I will not pass up an opportunity to interact with my colleagues because I believe that work is for more that just work ,it is an opportunity to share with each other.I do however believe that you should put your work first as that is the priority and the reason you are there. I also believe that you should give it your best ,meaning you should try to be on time and shouldnt cheat your boss by leaving early and staying out for longer than your lunch time.
@greenowl (71)
• Sweden
26 Jan 09
I have also felt like that, that my office is my second home, and when I am there I feel "secure" because there the problems I may have at home can not reach me. But the place where I have been working for about 20 years will be reorganised now, and I don't know yet where I will work. I hope I will get the same feeling for the new place as I have had for the new one.