Lauging Makes You Lose Weight!

United States
January 26, 2009 3:19am CST
Ok so I been trying to lose weight before my husband returns from Iraq. And I been on the Alli diet. I did lose weight and started to look good. When my usband came home for R&R he said he noticed that I lost weight. Which made me feel good because he never notices anything. Anyway about 2 weeks ago My daughters where in the kitchen and I was in here typing as I usually am and my daughter's yelled in here to me Mami we read that laughing makes you lose weight. So immediately I star laughing, I am thinking I am gonna lose weight. I am laughing and laughing. They start laughing to. So this went on for day's I was laughing. I woke up laughing. I was dropping the kids off laughing driving alone. I am thinking I am about to lose a lot of weight I been laughing non- stop Then the ball was dropped on me! I was in walgreens and as I do alot I talk, Thats why I am on mylot because I like to communicate and this keeps me from talking so much. anyway. I was telling a lady I did not know in walgreens that I was on the Alli diet but I was no longer going to take it because my daughters read tht laughing causes you to lose weight. As soon as I get in the car,mind you I been laughing in the store, driving aughing out loud everywhere thinking my figure was going to be back to my teenage years. I get in the truck at walgreens and they start laughing. They say Mamiyour not gonna lose weight by laughing. We made it up!................WHAT! I told that lady I was gonna lose weight by laughing she probably thought I was severely mentally ill And they stood there listening to me tell this woman this load of crap! I should have used more sense. I thought it was something new. You know they always coming up with new stuff now a days. Welcome to the world of my crazy life, mi vida loca. Word to the Wise.. If you got teenagers research everything they say. They could have you walking around looking like a mental patient laughing because you think your losing weight. And no I did not lose not even one pund in fact I gained weight.... pay back is coming stay tuned!
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@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
26 Jan 09
..teenagers are really naughty sometimes.. well, just continue your diet and be happy.. smile when you feel like smiling and laugh if you have something to laugh at.. happy mylotting..
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