2010 world expo in shanghai, china

January 26, 2009 4:34am CST
It is said that different from the product promotion exhibitions, the world expo has strategic significance, exerting influence for at least half a century. For instance, Germany settled on technology standardization after its expo, and Japan gained accomplishment equivalent to over ten yrs' diplomatic efforts. For China, the 2010 world expo will be china's contribution to continue and expand the spirit of the world expo. With the theme of Better City, Better Life, it is dedicated to search solutions for an environmentally friendly urban construction and residence. With support of the central government and participation from other areas of China, and from all over the world, hope Shanghai will fulfil its commitment to the nation and the world. And hope it will benefit the construction and people's life in the coming decades. While we have so many areas to improve, this is a very good chance to benefit the up-going society.
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