Is Manga Better than The Actual Episodes

Trinidad And Tobago
January 26, 2009 2:21pm CST
I really admit I can't understand why watch Manga if you are still going to watch the episodes later on. I think I prefer the suspense (even though it takesWAY TOO lONG) because when waiting for manga there is no way you can skip ahead. PS Did anyone read this manga! Comments Please!!! Happy Mylotting
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@marvz023 (189)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
i like rading manga then watch anime later on because you can see the entire story in manga. the plot, the stor, etc... but i prefer watching the manga more. the only reason i watch anime is because the action scene is much better in anime than in manga
• Greece
9 May 10
Actually not every anime has better action scenes than manga, unfortunately. The sad example of this is Blade of the Immortal.
• Greece
9 May 10
Usually I prefer manga over anime, especially when the anime is based on manga. Sometimes I watch anime and then continue reading manga because usually anime covers only part of the story. However, I like to watch comedy anime like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Gintama, even though I read the manga as well. It is because voice acting there often adds to the hilariousness.
@jd107nette (1456)
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
for me manga is better. first is because it is the original. second, it is ahead of the anime and third anime has skipped many good scenes from the manga. :)
• Indonesia
7 Aug 09
well, from my experience, I'd stick with the manga. But, some series let a detailed version of story revealed in anime though, but mostly manga do that. And also waiting for the episode is soooo long, either it's the dub or the raw that comes out for the story. Not to mention sometimes when we watch, we got and extra story, a spin-off from the manga, so the real episode maybe about some time in the future, -_- hey! It's irritating to wait for it, grr. . . but manga is a weekly chapter, so I think the tension we read because of the story, is still tense, soo we won't fell like "it's too long to wait, I forget about it", "I'm bored" or the like. .
@punkincat (216)
• United States
8 Jul 09
I like to read the manga first on some title because of the extra info you can get that can enhance the story. On some title understanding the culture makes the anime more enjoyable. For instance knowing that girls give the candy on Valintines day is different than in US where the guy dose. Anyway just my opinion
• United States
29 Jun 09
I think that's just life. The book always turns out better than the this case I always find the manga to be way better than the anime. What spoils the experience for me is if I find an anime first then learn later that it has a manga series, it wouldn't be the same if I saw the anime first then read the manga, it gets boring, but for some reason when I read the manga first I enjoy it more.
• United States
21 May 09
the manga, because sometimes they alter whats on the video version, the manga is authentic.
@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
5 May 09
There are some animes where I watch halfway through, and then start reading the manga. I do understand that this may take away the suspense of the story, especially when the manga is much more ahead of the anime. However, the waiting of 1 week for the next episode is really very long, especially when it's at a point when the story gets exciting. I do find that at most of the times, the manga story is more detailed than the anime. However, there are also instances where the anime had a lot more episodes (for the manga lovers of the series, they will consider these as "filler episodes"). In any case, I will most often prefer the manga version. I had not read the above manga before. Will take a look at it.
@animestan (323)
• Canada
20 Mar 09
Again it varies, In some series the manga is based on the anime, and in other cases the anime is based on the manga and most of the time, the original is somewhat better.
@hisana (40)
• United States
12 Mar 09
I find manga to be superior in every way. usually when there is an anime adaptation, the company producing it knows that the manga was popular enough to gain followers, so people will watch it no matter what. This leads those companies to not put as much effort into the animation, so the quality is not as good. and then you get filler episodes.... But yes, I do read Deadman Wonderland. I wish that they would release the chapters faster.
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
ANIME and MANGA are different mediums with their own strengths and weaknesses. The medium you end up preferring is the medium who has more of your desired traits than the one who doesn't. People read manga when an anime is already available for various reasons. Because they like the art better, because anime originally from a manga source is usually already finished/have more material than the anime currently covers, because sometimes anime adaptations just aren't as good (poor art quality, bad voice actor decsisions, just generally bad adaptation to another medium)... Apart from these reasons, anime of the 13/26/etc., episode numbers tend to cut a lot away from the original source in order to fit the plot in the number of episodes. Sometimes, they end up having entirely different plots in order to fill in episodes (the FILLERS that dominated about two years of Naruto, for instance). For me, I tend to read manga more than anime because they are easily accessible and there is more care expressed in each panel that are easily missed when it's already moving. A whole volume of manga can be bought in $10~ but a whole CD or two/three anime episodes can cost up to $30. I don't have to pause the TV when I want to pay particular attention in manga because I can just not flip the page. I haven't read that, no. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
@cambiste (1244)
• India
13 Feb 09
I prefer reading the manga than watching its anime as the anime takes a lot of space and time. Unless of course, someone recommends that the anime is better than the manga. I'm looking at the manga you linked to now. I've never read it before. Thanks and happy mylotting.
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
well here is my opinion on this, reading the manga and watching the anime are both vital points in understanding the anime you preferred to see. since, primarily, the manga holds all the details, second, the anime is like a summary of the manga, and to better appreciate what you read, no better way than to see your characters moving and flying around for the sake of better entertainment and put your vivid imagination on a short vacation. happy reading anime lovers!
@poohgal (6847)
• Singapore
28 Jan 09
Well.. Manga is the source of almost all the anime. Anime adaptation usually only start after the manga has achieved certain level of popularity. In terms of story, Manga is usually better because it's the original. As for the manga you mention, I haven't read it. I shall give it a try. Thanks.