Mad cleaning

@taface412 (3175)
United States
January 26, 2009 3:21pm CST
I have been known to do some mad cleaning...and I mean mad cleaning. When I get angry the best way for me to get it out is to completely clean house. I mean tear through the stuff I want to get rid of and have not gotten around to it. So I take my frustrations out on that. And I have to say me being the verbal person I am...I do make it known I am mad cleaning. I feel bad sometimes as I am doing this and when I notice it I calm down, I know it upsets my mom. But here is my issue while I am venting from a break in my mad cleaning phase. I cannot stand it when you are doing somehting and people either just sit there or they tell you what to do. Now I understand when people cannot do things themselves, but it really not only is frustrating but it is offensive as well. To the one doing the stuff in the first place. So I take a deep breath and tackle another area. Do you do this? Do you find it upsetting when you help others who cannot do for themselves and sometimes feel unappreciated in doing it? And how do you cope? Talking sometimes is out of the question. LOL
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@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
26 Jan 09
I totally understand your frustration ,I to hate when people sit and tell you what to do when they could have gotten up from their as_s and do it themselves and what is worse is if they cant do it for themselves . The only thing though is that I have never used cleaning as an outlet for my frustration .I think I may start this type of therapy lol
• United States
26 Jan 09
Mad cleaning is the best way to do it, its a chore and nobody wants to do it. I however like a clean and neat house and I'm teaching my kids that sloppy people never make it in this world. I'm teaching them to be organized and punctual just like their parents are. Ask your mom if it upsets her to a point that it causes a riff in your relationship. If it does then let her know you'll take steps to correct it but you need her help in the meantime.