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January 26, 2009 4:01pm CST
The other day I was reading Forbes in bed. (This is very very rare) Something caught my eye on the cover so I decided to pick it up. The article I read was about the guy who is over the company that does Guitar Hero....So I was reading about his background and about when he was younger how he would make money by selling things or doing services. This reminded me of when I was a little younger. My friends and I would gather "our" (usually only mine) books so we could knock on doors and sell them. We sold packaged Donuts once. There was this one family who always bought what we sold so we always went to their house. Then when I got a tad bit older my sister and I sold candy at school and made some cash. Now Im doing things online and making money. When you were a kid did you come up with ways to make some cash?
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@kellyjeanne (1576)
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30 Jan 09
No, but, when I was in my mid 30's I started making beaded earrings and sold them door to door when I was living in Florida. Hey! Here's an idea! I always thought it would be a great gag to go on a scavanger hunt with a group of people and go door to door asking for $1, $5, $10, on up to maybe even $100. It would be very interesting to see how many people would actually give you money! LOL! I always thought this was a really clever gag to play. I've never actually done it though! Let me know if you decide to do it and what your results are. You never know what could happen..............:) Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
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5 Feb 09
And to think, I was just going to stay home this weekend and watch tv. Now I can have some fun. I'll see if my friends are up to it. They are probably too chicken to do it but I'm not. Ill let you know if I get the chance to do it. Thanks for the clever idea.
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6 Feb 09
Now don't be naughty...... You know that would be stealing..... If anyone catches on to what you are doing they could call the cops on you.... Be careful Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
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7 Feb 09
Lolz...I wasn't planning on keeping the money...or was i? Lolz its not worth going to jail over a few bucks.
@snowy22315 (76552)
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26 Jan 09
I used to sell Avon when I was in HS. The other type things I did was to sell lemonade or kool aide. I didnt do alot of that thing though I think that I just worried about making money when I was older. Mostly if I was going to sell something it was just girl scout cookies.
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28 Jan 09
My friends mom sold Avon, but she stopped because she didn't sell much. I sold frozen kool-aid once but that didn't last because I was eating the merchandise. I just always liked to sell and make money.