Citigroup uses taxpayer $ for a luxury jet.

January 26, 2009 6:34pm CST
Citigroup just finished the purchase of a luxury jet after asking for billions of dollars in government funding to help keep afloat. What?!?? Are you kidding me? They say they ordered the jet a couple years ago before things went belly-up so cancelling the order would mean paying a huge cancellation fee so it's better to just go through with the purchase. Fine, buy it.. then sell it. Or something. What's your take on this?
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@baileycows (3668)
• United States
27 Jan 09
Ummm. Who are they going to sell it too with the economy the way it is? They should have not bought it. Ugh! That just really pisses me off you know the greed in world. Ugh!
• France
27 Jan 09
I'd say if it were a US-made jet what the heck. At least they're spending money so it'll have a positive impact on the US economy, but it's a French jet so bummer. Still, many parts may be made over here, I don't know. They could sell it to a celebrity or CEO of a SUCCESSFUL business, or one of those rich Arab princes. With all this money we're spending on bailing things out, I think taxpayers consider these private companies have an extra responsibility and this seems not to be an act we feel appropriate.