January 26, 2009 9:54pm CST
Back in the 6th grade, Neopets was all the rage. Pretty much every one in the entire grade had an account. I used to play it a lot before the rules got all draconian, and boy was it addictive. I'd sit around and restock at the potions and weapons shop, and I hung around the battledome message board. I managed to accumulate around 20 million neopoints and some pretty decent weapons, but I got frozen shortly after sharing the account with some friends after he had some dispute with another member. Have you ever played Neopets? Do you still play? Does anyone remember the BD chat around ~8 years ago?
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• Malaysia
27 Jan 09
wow neopets- i used to be addicted to them too. i think i played it like 6 years ago or something, can't remember for how long but it was fun nonetheless.
• Canada
27 Jan 09
ah, the good days... yeah, neopets is really addictive
@mmiceli (382)
3 Feb 09
I always get joked because I still play sometimes, they have this new game called key quest and it's pretty tight. haha. Yeah, that's def one of my deepest darkest secrets- I still kind of play Neopets!