Do I just start looking for another job now or wait.......?

United States
January 27, 2009 12:50am CST
Business has been really slow at my job. And with the state of the economy it might get worse. As it is right now there is not enough to keep me and the other lady who works there busy for a full 40 hour week. If business slows down more than it is, the owner might be forced to lay one of us off. And I am afraid it will be me. Even though I've been there longer, I am the "graphic artist" and it would be more economical for her to pay a contract person $35 a couple of times a month when he's needed than to pay me $1200 a month. I can see the logic behind it but I don't like it. Especially because I am trying to get into graduate school and if I do I'll be moving around the end of July to get settled in before classes start. So it's foolish to look for a different job that I'm just going to have to quit in 6 months. But if she is going to cut my position, I can't live without a paycheck. But jobs are slim everywhere and promise to get worse. On the other hand, I'm kind of tired of working there because I don't feel particularly appreciated most days so I've been thinking, if I don't get accepted to school, I might quit anyway. But then I'd be looking for a different, permanent position not something I'm going to leave in 6 months. I'm hoping that everything will work out for the best - that I will get in to school and she can stick it out until I'm ready to leave.
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
29 Jan 09
Keep an eye out for other jobs, but don't give up the one you already have. No need to take a huge chance for something better if you've nothing to fall back on. Weigh your options, bide your time, and keep your eyes and ears open.
• United States
30 Jan 09
I was definitely sticking with this until I had something else/better lined up. I can't afford to be without a job, even if just for a few weeks.
@snowcat46 (2322)
• United States
27 Jan 09
Could you work on retainer? I mean, when they get a job in, you do it for a set fee. Instead of going in every day. Then you can branch out and do the same for other companies, not just that one. Does that sound like something workable? You wouldn't really be losing the job, just offering them an alternative that's a bit cheaper.
@ktosea (2025)
• China
27 Jan 09
I think you are too worried about your current position,you don't know how things will turn to be and whom will be dismissed or everything will just goes well of your far as I am concerned,you should just stay at where you are now and wait for a while until you have the certain notification that you could go to the graduate school or could not.then you can make choice to leave your position and find another one.moreover you could keep seeking a new job while you still can work into the current one, then you will not have the finance problem.I am sure your boss will not dismiss you unless the company will be disbanded.