Not saying goodbye? How do you cope when you say "I'm Back!"?

January 27, 2009 1:23am CST
I've been away for several months now swamped with schoolwork and the worst of luck thankfully, It's almost over now. Well right now, I'm almost done with my thesis t6o be submitted this February yay! Anyways I've missed all the friends here in mylot friends it's been months. I'm a bit apprehensive though because they might've forgotten me or something. After all I haven't given an explanation or goodbye or anything. But still I've missed myLot quite a lot. Anyways going back to the theme, have you ever experienced something like this? When you don't say goodbye to people well not just online but with people you love or those that have close relations to you. How do you cope with the awkwardness after you come back? ^____^
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