want to rich

January 27, 2009 2:31am CST
do you think money make us happy.everyone need money.is there other bad effect of getting rich?
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@sahed159 (369)
28 Jan 09
Money can not make us happy but without it men can not be happy. In our modern life money is opportunity for every day.Feeding, education, entertainment, or as social member where need not money. So money is part or material to live and its necessary for our being modern human.
@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
27 Jan 09
No money do not make me happy, however, it makes life easier. I am glad if I have enought to pay my bills, and have some for enjoyble things and also so I can save for my eldre days. But I do not think I would be happy if I could get anyting I want. It is god to have dreams, it is god for having work that pays. Not parents, or relatives that gives. Money do not grow on trees. Money comes for hard honest work. I am happy as long as I do not have to struggle with my budget. And that is enought for me. By the way, welcome to mylot, hope you will enjoy this site as much as all of us other mylotters do. Happy posting and god luck