Forget School, We need to learn skills NOW to Secure our Jobs

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January 27, 2009 11:52am CST
Man, with our downward spiraling economy, jobs are harder and harder to keep. I have found that people with the most skills keep their jobs. But who has time to enroll in school or college. We need the skills NOW. I suggest that we all go learn as many career skills as possible to ensure we are not the ones getting laid off. If you got laid off recently, I did not mean to offend you. I also suggest learning some new skills that way you can put it on your resume for your next job search. Trust me, as a recruiter myself, the more skills you have on your list the better the chance you will get the job. Good Luck to everyone.
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@Savvynlady (3685)
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20 Mar 09
Having multi skills hasn't stopped me from losing my job or getting another one. I am though in favor of learning new ones as the President suggested in his address to the People almost a month ago. Look, if a former CEO go out there and end up as a Pizza Delivery Boy making a little over $7 an hour, why not any of us? If the 90 year old man who was retired and had his own business go back out there and work in a grocery store, why not those who are still able?
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17 Feb 09
Even knowledge and skills can't save you, sorry to say. I was on my job for 13 years and knew more than anyone else in the business because no one had been there as long as I had. I was always called upon to resolve issues that no one else could figure out. My staff and I were the last to be laid off because of our knowledge but eventually the layoff made its way to us. The kicker was that even after I was laid off, I was called at home and on my cell phone throughout the day on a daily basis to correct problems! I even had to go in and open a safe once because no one knew how to work it. I've been laid off since Aug of 2008 and the last time I assisted someone at work was 4 weeks ago! They still don't fully know how to run my store. I'm concerned that the store will never become the success that it can be and has been in the past because the new people there don't know it's potential. I remember when the store generated $10 million a year and completed at least 50 transactions per day. Now the new operator says he's happy completing 10 transactions per day! What? Why wouldn't you want more? I realize that it's because he isn't expected to do more and he isn't aware that it can be done. He has been given a goal and just as long as he meets it, he thinks he's doing well. I feel horrible that my store is going down the toilet. I worked very hard to achieve the title as the most profitable store in the market and now it's gone.
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28 Jan 09
I completely agree. I'm all for advancing your education, but I have learned that it is not primarily all about degrees. It really does have to do with what you know and how you apply it and also who you know. There are many people that I have encountered along life in the job market that have no real degrees or certifications, but are making more money than the individual with a Master's degree. Sometimes, just learning the certain types of skills needed, just as you have said, is way better to maximize your chance at staying with a company, than going to college, spending years and money to gain a degree that just might get overlooked without the personal first hand experience. This was a great topic!