Do u hv enough money?

@snayak11 (154)
January 27, 2009 3:04pm CST
i want freedom. everybody wants same. we hv freedom of speech. freedom to think. but do we hv freedom of money? how many of us have money, that much we desire. is their any limitation ? money makes us mad. if we hv enough money we still cant sleep as we are always in danger of loosing it. if we hv no money we cant sleep as we cant do anything for ourselves. each n everybody of us are here, only for money. so how much money u need, hv u ever thought of it? if no, why not u think today......
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@kezabelle (2984)
27 Jan 09
I need just enough money to live off be able to feed and clothe us and our children afford our house and the bills that come with that if we can do that im happy! If we can afford a few little treats even better.