I have a super SUPERSTITIOUS mother-in-law.

January 27, 2009 3:52pm CST
My mother in law is the most superstitious human being I ever met. I remember when I was staying with my husband (FYI, she doesn't have a daughter), she doesn't allow lady clothes to be put on her son's bed. (Sometimes, when clothes are washed and hung dry, I need to fold my clothes so I would put on the bed while folding). Not only that, the washing machine that she uses never for women clothes, only for her husband and her 2 sons. Ridiculously, there are separate pole for men's wear and women's wear (the pole are same sizes for use of hanging clothes). There are so many but I can't share them here cox it's gonna eat up a lot of space here. But recently, as we are celebrating Chinese New Year, she heard from the radio that on the first day of CNY (Chinese New Year), one shouldn't hold sharp stuff like knife, scissors, cutter, anything that's sharp. And she, whom need to cook on that day, restrain herself from using knives and she has to prepared the cooking ingredients the night before and this making her night longer. (Is there any logic? I can't believe it man! Why make life so inconvenient with those ridiculous beliefs? What era is it now?). Oh yeah, as this year is the Ox year, (chinese normal practice is to wear red during CNY) she asked her son not to wear red as in this is the Ox year, a cow will rush/bang on red stuff (afraid that the year of Ox will do harm on his son), so instead, she asked her son to wear green. MY GOD!!!!!! How many more new 'rules' are going to surface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows me that I don't like superstitious stuff, thus she didn't tell me directly what are the rules. Her belief is making her life so busy with unnecessary thing and causing so MUCH inconvenience to people around her.
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