updating my computer

January 27, 2009 11:41pm CST
hi friends my computer is a bit outdated now,i brought my computer a 8 years before,now i think of updating as its sound is increasing rather thn performance :) my system is intel{r} celron cpu 1.70 ghz mercury motherboard 224 mb ram cd rw 40 gb 17 inch monitor 5.1 speaker no graphics card,tv tuner card wht all are the things i need to update and how much will it cost, and wht is the best configaration of a system now a days?
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@blazonvj (430)
• India
30 Jan 09
Hi Hari, The system you are using is 8 years old and none of the new components are supported by your system.Best thing to do is buy a new one.I will just give an approximate cost of all the peripherals here.(note that all costs are in indian Rupees- to make it in us $ just multiply it by 45) Monitor: 17" CRT = 4200rs 17" LCD= 7000rs MotherBoard : ASUS M2A-MX = 2200rs(for AMD X2 processors) GIGABYTE 945 = 2200rs(For core 2 duo intel processors) Processor : AMD X2-5000+ (2.6GHZ ) = rs 3000 CORE2DUO E7300(2.66GHZ) = rs 5700 RAM: 2GB = 900rs HArd Disk(SATA): 320GB= RS 2200 Graphics CArds: Nvidia 8800gt = rs 10,000(the best card in market now, i own it) Nvidia 8600gt = rs 3200 ATI 3850 = 5600rs System cabinet will sot you around 1500rs(buy one with a fan) SMPS: usually comes with cabinet.But if you are buying a highend graphics card like 8800gt you must have a 600w smps(powersupply) which wil cost : 3000rs for zebronics power supply DVD write : LG writer = RS 1100 UPS : 1700rs Keyboard + mouse : 750rs(microsoft combo) Make sure if your buying a system for gaming to buy 8800gt card and also go for a good processor.AMD processors are less costly and high performing compared to intel counterparts.hope this helped you out
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
A pretty decent setup won't cost you too much nowadays if you know how to shop. If you're going to buy a pre-assembled PC from a big company like HP or Acer, it might cost you more. If you build a PC from scratch, you can save a lot. A computer with pretty decent specs should cost around somewhere between $200-$300. You could get something with at least a Core 2 Duo with 1.8GHz and a decent motherboard, 2GB of Ram, 120GB hard drive, and a 17" CRT Monitor. You could always spend a little more for a good video card and an LCD Monitor. You can still re-use the speakers and the tuner card if there's an available slot on the motherboard.
@Sorhan (26)
• United States
28 Jan 09
in all honesty ... it's going to cost more to up grade this machine than to buy a new one. if you are trying to stay on the cheap, and just running around the web, honestly, i'd check the price on Dell or HP, either should be able to get something fairly cheap and ALOT cheaper than trying to update the current computer. if they're really serious about upgrading instead of buying something new ... upgrading you will essentially need to replace potentially *everything* in the tower. the monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc can all be reused. essentially you'd be building your own tower.