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the imagination - imagine the picture
@blogs86 (370)
January 28, 2009 1:47am CST
What are some good ways to stimulate your imagination? i don't mean by simply reading a book but something that gets your child- like imagination back. Example: on a front porch you pretend like you are on a massive airship. LOL. does this make any sense?
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@moondancer (7433)
• United States
28 Jan 09
I guess for me imagination comes naturally. Being on the front porch, It's an airship...oooh woooooow look at those clouds it's like I can just touch them I say as my hand stretches out to feel them as they pass by. Looking down I can see all of the houses and wonder at just how samll they look. It's something that some colors I can see more than others. There's a field with cows in's so amazing how much the black and white cows can be seen so much better than the other colors. The wind in my face feels so good and fresh. I take in some long deep breaths enjoying the clean fresh air going into my lungs....aaaaaaah. I wonder if the guy will let me drive this huge thing. I'm making my way up to the captains area. I get there and looking around in awe at the gadgets and gizmos that are in this area. Oh wow, it's so neat. I ask the captain May I please drive this airship? He says, Why yes little lady you sure can. I move into position where I can get my hands on the wheel that guides this huge ship. He tells me I must watch an instrument panel in fron of me and keep it on a certain course. By just ever so slightly turning the wheel to the left or the right the ship will glide that direction. This is so much fun but he says he needs to take over now. We will be going down soon and he has preparations to make for the desent. Well this is enough for now of my experience in an airship. How relaxing that was.