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January 28, 2009 3:23am CST
Me and my bf have been dating for two and half years. We met in college and we have been practically inseparable since then. We have had several problems, but in the end we have always worked them out. College is ended in about a year (for him, I didn't finish, I hated school) and he lives about 2 hours away from me. I feel like after school, he has no plans to fit me in with the rest of his life. He is an aspiring musician and I feel like he will eventually leave me in the dust. What should I do next with my life? Should I begin to move on without him now for fear of getting my hopes up for what could be in our future? He refuses to talk about it and keeps himself in a shell most of the time. Please help Ashley
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• Philippines
29 Jan 09
after college is i think one of the most trying times in a relationship. unlike school wherein you both struggle with the same things, after college you'll see the real world and deal with different things. true some people separate but others prevail. me and my husband started our relationship when he was one year left and i having just graduated the year before. we are now happily married. but i think the most important thing for ANY person is to complete yourself. love YOUR life. you are still young, do everything you've always wanted. and if in the end he wants to be with you then good, if not, you wouldn't feel as devastated. it's important to always go on with your life and not rely on any others' presence to go on with it. always put yourself first. it's not being selfish. if you learn to love yourself, in the end you will have someone who loves YOU. be it your current boyfriend or not. you can never make a person do what you want them to do. isn't it so much better to have someone whom includes you in their life because they WANT to. rather than being convinced or having been talked into you including them in their lives? don't make yourself a prisoner of your own life. own it! there are so many things you can aspire to do. feel lucky that you have a choice, a healthy self to be able to do these things. good luck!
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• Philippines
28 Jan 09
Hello kuteypiye, I think you have to cool down first, think a thousand times, letting go is not easy especially when you love that someone. I f his busy and his thinking just what best for him, why not also be busy and think of your life too. I think your forgetting yourself that is why you feel that way. It happens sometimes to relationship that you felt left out, or maybe getting bored. Just let it flow for a while, but do something that about yourself too ketepiye. Maybe he will change when he sees your doing good also with your life and be proud of you. Do something productive that your mind can't think of him always. You take care!