Does anyone here go to a writing group?

@cripfemme (7713)
United States
January 28, 2009 11:55am CST
I go to two. I used to go to a third one, but they weren't harsh enough in their feedback (which I need) and I decided to save bus fare and not go there anymore. I get much more out of my other two. Do you go to a writing group? Is it helpful to you? Why or why not? And if why not why are you still going?
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@patgalca (15551)
• Orangeville, Ontario
29 Jan 09
Yes, I joined a writing group four years ago. The group has grown immensely since I joined but I have made some great friends and learned so much. The group has opened doors that I never would have found if not for the group. I have gone to author seminars and workshops, even one-on-one critiquing with award winning authors. We maintain a positive atmosphere in our group. If you want real direct critique we suggest doing it outside the group via email or meeting at a coffee shop or whatever. I don't think I would be anywhere near finished my novels if not for the group. I actually wrote two articles on Triond about writing groups. and I think a lot of people have benefitted from these articles. Writing groups are a great way to get feedback and keep a writer from living such a lonely life.
@rmuxagirl (7559)
• United States
29 Jan 09
There isn't a writing group in my aren't. I would love to find myself a writing group to get involved with. I would love to have the help of other people when it comes to my writing. Everyone her just tells me they like and aren't harsh like you said.
• South Africa
29 Jan 09
I go to a writing group in my city for science fiction, fantasy and horror. We meet once a month. We discuss the genres, give each other book recommends and sometimes do writing exercises together. There is also the plan to bring out an annual anthology - only one out so far, because we've only recently relaunched. We share news via a Yahoo group. I am at the moment critting another member's novel and I collaborated with someone on a short story. I'd say its mostly a positive experience. I have also been in an online critting group for the past two years, which has taught me a lot about writing. Sometimes the process of actually being critted can be confusing, though. Typically, you would get about 10-15 crits on your story. Sometimes one person will love the same passage that another person hates, so whose view do you go with then? Who is right? Overall, it is helpful, but you must just watch out that you do not have so many group commitments that you don't actually get to your writing.
@snowy22315 (76008)
• United States
28 Jan 09
I am going to start going to one. I think there is one near me but they have not been meeting due to the holidays. I think there will be a meeting hopefully in February that I will be attending. I really want to get involved in one and meet some other writers. I think it would be great.