how does your garden grow?

United States
January 28, 2009 5:38pm CST
i cant say i really have a garden yet. im working on it. before i had my son i was always in my yard on my knees digging in the dirt somewhere,planting seeds and bulbs and trees. the only thing i have left is my trees which i am very proud of. i dont have much time to plant now since i do have a two year old but i do plan to get out this spring and let him help since he loves dirt. i dont ever plan on any specific landscape i just find a pretty spot and dig. How do you grow your garden. any advise on easy to grow plants that can stand sun all day because my trees are not yet big enough to produce shade?
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
30 Jan 09
We didn't garden when our son was little. Actually we only started last year after buying our new place. We have two lots now so we decided to garden on the second lot. When I was a kid growing up on a farm our garden was completely in the sun all day long, no shade. But Dad would grow corn because, well we loved it, but also because it grew tall. That way he could plant the things that needed shade close to the corn. By the time summer was hot the corn was high enough to protect those plants in the afternoon. If my son was still just a little guy I would have him help me plant seeds like beans and peas because they come up pretty fast and don't need a lot of care. You can also put up a couple of little poles and string so they can grow up the string. I guess I am still just a big kid at heart because that sounds like fun. We are already planning our backyard garden for 2009.
@katsmeow1213 (29039)
• United States
29 Jan 09
Most of the time when you buy bulbs, seeds, or plants they will have a little chart saying whether or not that plant needs full sun, part sun, or full shade. If the type of seeds. I'm not a gardner, I know very little about it. In a place we used to live we planted a couple flower gardens, and it was pretty. One went up the front walk, the other was a giant square in the center of the yard. Unfortunatly it was a townhouse and our yard was shared with a neighbor. At the time we planted the gardens, our neighbor was an elderly woman who thought the flowers were just so pretty and she really liked them. By that fall she had moved into a senior community and given the house to her son, who's friends parked lawn chairs on our garden that went up the walk, and then he planted grass seed over half the garden in the center of the yard. This past summer I started a garden here, on the side of the house. I planted corn, carrots, lettuce, watermelon, and cucumbers. The only thing that grew well was the cucumbers, and boy oh boy did they grow well. I had a couple dozen of them! I realize I planted them all too close together. This year I meant to start the seeds indoors in like February or March so I could transfer them outdoors in the spring. But now we're planning on moving in a month or so, so I am not going to start planting now. I'll have to wait and see what kind of garden space I have in the new place.